Arts, communication and action research

Art and communication are extremely useful and powerful means for expressing positive and negative feelings, visualizing possible initiatives and alternatives, partially regaining control over crises and making one’s positions or demands heard. This corresponds to the essential factors for building resilience. Artistic expressions are therefore used during action research using drawing or photo in seeking explanations or understanding or in dissemination and advocacy highlighting experiences of daily resilience through life stories and representations.
Extreme crises are marked by confusion between normality and abnormality of situations (legitimization of violence, discrimination, etc.). Art, communication and positive manifestations become exceptional moments that allow us to cope with the psychological pressures created by daily life in crisis zones or by tensions linked to extreme living conditions such as poverty, insecurity or even deprivation and depravity. On the other hand, these moments make it possible to strengthen intra and inter-community relations and to avoid the total normalization of difficult situations.

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