Why planning a mentorship

Instead of or in addition to our training modules and our research, CERAR offers a personalized and contextualized mentorship scheme allowing you to strengthen your capacities, to implement the learnings from your training courses or the results of your research on topics related to resilience, cultural sensitivity and location, in your field practices. Our mentorship concerns the same themes as our training and research.

Our mentorship aims to:
  • allow the staff of your organization to take ownership of the content of their training courses, research or change management, at their own pace and in their own way
  • strengthen transferability by training focal points and trainers capable of monitoring and disseminating the results of research lessons
  • To set up and strengthen the capitalization of achievements

For whom is our mentorship scheme aimed

To all associations, groups or communities, whether or not having taken one of our training courses and commissioned research, wishing to ensure the implementation of new learnings or change in a gradual and sustainable manner. Mentorship can be done in groups or individually according to needs and projects.

Different options are available to you

You have already followed training and want to follow it up
  • We can set up a follow-up plan with you
You have capacity strengthening needs
  • We can assess your needs with you and develop a plan including training, creation of capitalization tools and support
You have a project idea
  • We can support you throughout your project, from the context analysis to the final assessment and capitalize with you on the lessons learned and the capacities created

Are you interested?

Do not hesitate to contact us: