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Building Sumud Project (Palestinian Territories)
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The Building Sumud Project studies interactions between the social and environmental impacts of the Occupation and acts of resilience (Sumud) through the logic of conflict transformation. It aims to establish a presence in the Territories and create forums for discussion for various non-violent and conflict-transforming initiatives concerning the old city of Hebron and the surrounding areas. It facilitates learning in action, to express oneself, and to publicize initiatives. The creation of a local team of researchers and observers is an essential result of this project. Based on our methodology, the project strives to develop capabilities that can be transferable to other cities in the Palestinian Territories or elsewhere.

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Support for the revival of local NGOs (Central African Republic)

Based on the ACP method (Contextualized Proximity Support), training cycles were provided to local Central African NGOs. Action research processes have also been initiated to stimulate community mobilization in areas that are highly affected by the conflict

Observatory of Symbolic Violence (Colombia)

The Observatory of Symbolic Violence was created in 2014 to support organizations working mainly with displaced and marginalized populations in the coffee production regions of the Valle del Cauca and Afro-descendants of the Pacific and Caribbean coastal areas. Through a participatory process of action research and learning, the project  aims to interact with the impacts of stigma and the peoples’ modes of resilience.


Humanitarian Film Festival (France)

For six  years, the CERAR, jointly with the students of the Master’s in Humanitarian Action of the University of Créteil, developed the Humanitarian Film Festival as a civic and educational event, with the objective of raising awareness and providing information about humanitarian action through  films that promote protection of human dignity in times of conflicts and protracted crises.

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