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Capacity building is one of the cornerstones on which CERAR has built its raison d’être and its strategy.
It takes the form of training courses and mentorship and is linked to research and institutional support.

For whom are our training courses?

The training courses are aimed at organizations, groups or local communities who want to strengthen their capacities and at partners keen to understand and strengthen the role of their local counterparts.

They are aimed at new or experienced organizations and adapt to existing needs and levels.

Different options are available to you

Our training courses deal with

Organizational support and project management
  • The project cycle (data collection, reporting, etc.) and the logical framework
  • Knowledge capitalization and management
  • Managing change
Understanding contexts and transforming crises
  • Conflict management, resilience, localization in practice
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Context and conflict analysis
  • Research methods and in particular action research, participatory and community research
Support for the association and local communities in
  • Creating a climate of change
  • The involvement of training and research directly in the field
  • The use of appropriate dissemination tools (technical shee
Capitalization of local expertise and experiences
  • Identifying key expertise and knowledge
  • Capitalization of this knowledge
  • Transfer and dissemination through training, forums and networks
  • Updating of key knowledge via scalable tools

Training site

CERAR offers online or face-to-face training, in France or abroad, according to needs and requirements.


The specificity of our training courses is to be built in partnership with future learners (choice of themes, educational objectives) and to be followed by mentorship upon the acquisition and practice in the field, as well as a capitalization of knowledge and the co-creation of simple and contextualized tools (through technical sheets, the involvement of co-facilitators and the training of trainers).

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