Some methodological points to make tacit knowledge visible

In order to put the principles of localization into practice, CERAR has developed certain practical and methodological tools for more contextualized capacity building, the co-production of knowledge with local actors through action research, the capitalization of local knowledge and the use of the arts in awareness raising and dissemination initiatives.

CERAR offers

Contextualized proximity support (PCA). Through reflection and a gradual approach, taking the time to strengthen the self-confidence of the members of national organizations and in their knowledge and experiences to reveal and express them in an internationally recognized language.

Training of trainers so that local actors can themselves transmit the knowledge and information acquired, in their own languages ​​and context in their own way, in order to create a ‘learning body’ within a ‘learning institution’.

Action research in order to co-produce knowledge with local actors

The creation of spaces for dialogue and local, national and international exchanges, in particular through artistic expressions.

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Capacity building for each person’s choice and initiatives


‘as local as possible and as international as necessary’ 

Cultural sensibility

‘a paradigm shift’