Technical Sheets and Practical Guides

Within the framework  of our Contextualized Proximity Mentorship, in order to facilitate the application of our training (cycles), CERAR, local co-facilitators and participants make their learnings sustainable by developing together several simple and evolving monitoring tools, in particular Technical Data Sheets and Practical Guides. These may contain key terms and concepts, keystone elements and definitions, practical examples, as well as implementation steps and procedures to be used in everyday field practice. CERAR supports the gradual adaptation of these tools according to context evolution.

« The technical sheets really helped me to apply my learnings daily in my work »

Bonheur SARAGNET, intern at CERAR

The Technical Sheets and Practical Guides support and mentor the local teams
in the implementation of their learning outcomes in their daily practice.

Particular attention is paid to the accessibility and clarity of the sheets and guides,
designed specifically for its users, integrating local experiences and knowledge.

Example of a Practical Guide

Example of a Technical Sheet (French version)

Example of a work plan and gantt diagram (French version)

Possible topics of local contextualized mentorship through technical sheets and practical guides can be

  • Explaining the identity of the organization (mission, vision, values, …)
  • Creating a Learning Organization
  • Creating a climate of change
  • Training of the trainers
  • Managing a Project
  • Developping a project
  • Understanding the logic of the Logical Framework
  • Writing a report
  • Understanding the difference between an emergency and a priority
  • Managing basic finances of a project
  • Understanding accounting criteria
  • Improving  Communication

To make it easier to understand, each technical sheet is accompanied by a glossary, including descriptions of the basic concepts and a manual.

Fiche technique 'exemple'

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