A technical datasheet is a practical and concrete tool that makes technical and complex content clearer, understandable and applicable. The use of technical datasheets allows and facilitates the integration of these contents in everyday practices.

Thus a technical datasheet makes dissemination of procedures (for example, from a procedure manual) and application of learning in everyday practice (after a training workshop) handier. It allows the pooling and capitalization on skills and experiences (such as 'lessons learned' after a project).

A technical datasheet is aimed at reaching the largest amount of members of an association as possible. It therefore uses accessible language, explains key terms and concepts, presents examples, clarifies the steps to follow, summarizes specific content, etc.

These datasheets are always created with the help and involvement of end users. This way, all contents are clear, understandable and applicable for the targeted users.


CERAR systematically integrates the use of these technical datasheets into its training, workshops and mentorship.