Valuing local knowledge to enhance resiliencece

CERAR strengthens the resilience of associations and of marginalized and stigmatized communities,
mainly in areas of conflict or instability.
It supports the development of skills and capacities by taking into account values,
existing strengths and specific needs in each particular context.

Building transformative resilience becomes possible thanks to localization and good cultural sensitivity renforcement

CERAR contributes to the localization debate by advocating the appreciation, improvement and transfer of local knowledge and experiences in order to help communities better identify, use, strengthen and disseminate their knowledge in their everyday field practice.

In a constant search for improvement and innovation based on local knowledge and practices, CERAR includes action-research in all its actions, from the preparation of training courses to the creation of teams of community researchers.

CERAR has thus created its own methodology based on contextualized mentorship and continuous monitoring. This innovative methodology - BOOST (Building On Our Strenghts Together) and Contextualized Proximity Mentorship (CPM) - moves away from with "plug and play", mentors and accompanies local teams in the implementation of their learnings in their everyday practice.