Valuing local knowledge to enhance resilience
Innovative tools to bring local actors at the center of their ambitions


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The Humanitarian Film Festival, created in 2008, is one of the first film festivals in France focusing on humanitarian action.

Humanitarian Film Festival : Edition 2021

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Towards transformative resilience

CERAR promotes and strengthens transformative resilience by enhancing the capacity of choices,
initiatives and the mobilization of local groups and associations.

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Towards innovative proximity mentorship

CERAR moves away from “plug and play”
and mentors local teams in the everyday implementation of their learnings.

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Towards a paradigm shift in localization

Each local organization is a source of unique and complementary experiences and knowledge, essential for building resilience

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CERAR brings local voices and knowledge at the centre of its initiatives. It contributes to the debates, the development and the implementation of current themes such as localization and cultural sensitivity to move together the lines towards a new paradigm to deal with crises and to strengthen resilience.

CERAR, Center d’Etude et de Recherche-Action sur la Résilience, brings together an international and multidisciplinary team of experts in action-research on community mobilization, as well as support and capacity building for local organizations and their partners.

CERAR encourages better reading and integration of cultures

to strengthen actors in the ownership of humanitarian responses.

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For CERAR, localization is not just wishful thinking but an operational and ethical choice made on a daily basis through concrete actions based on ‘the small change theory’. To achieve localization ambitions in humanitarian action and achieve co-leadership between local and international organizations, a few simple principles can help.

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Each individual, group or community has the possibilities of going beyond survival,
by mobilizing their capacity of choices to develop positively – even in difficult living
conditions – in a way that corresponds to their values and environments.

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Sometimes local organizations feel or experience that they are not being heard
or appreciated. How introducing your organization is very important.
The following questions can help you generate interest in your projects
and your organization among your partners.

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” For each project, various cultures meet and sometimes collide.
It can be local cultures but also expatriate and humanitarian cultures or those linked to crises.
It is important to be aware of this and also to be aware of the cultural complexity generated by aid and the possible positive and negative impacts of it. “

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